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The MacPorts Project currently distributes 18465 ports, organized across 83 different categories and available below for viewing. This form allows you to search the MacPorts software index, last updated on 2014-04-24 at 04:00:27 America/Los_Angeles.

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apache20 2.0.65
The extremely popular second version of the Apache http server
Maintained by:
Categories: www
Platforms: darwin freebsd openbsd
Dependencies: apr-util0 apr0 expat openssl pcre perl5 zlib
Variants: no_startupitem openldap preforkmpm workermpm

cherokee 1.2.101
Cherokee web server
Maintained by:
Categories: www
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: libgeoip pcre rrdtool zlib
Variants: no_admin no_epoll no_ipv6 no_pam no_pthread no_readdir_r no_startupitem ssl trace

dovecot2 2.2.12
Secure, fast imap and pop3 server
Maintained by:
Categories: mail
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: libiconv openssl pkgconfig zlib
Variants: ldap lucene mariadb mysql5 mysql51 mysql55 mysql56 no_startupitem percona postgresql82 postgresql83 postgresql84 postgresql90 postgresql91 postgresql92 solr