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The MacPorts Project currently distributes 18417 ports, organized across 83 different categories and available below for viewing. This form allows you to search the MacPorts software index, last updated on 2014-04-16 at 21:00:27 America/Los_Angeles.

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erlang 17.0
The Erlang Programming Language
Maintained by:
Categories: lang erlang
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: gawk ncurses openssl
Variants: hipe nohipe odbc ssl wxwidgets

freetds 0.92.405
A set of libraries for Unix and Linux that allows your programs to natively talk to Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases
Maintained by:
Categories: databases
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: libiconv ncurses readline
Variants: mssql odbc

gdal 1.10.1
GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
Maintained by:
Categories: gis
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: expat giflib jpeg libgeotiff libpng proj tiff zlib
Variants: curl expat framework geos hdf4 hdf5 jasper lzma mrsid mysql5 netcdf odbc opencl openjpeg perf poppler postgresql81 postgresql82 postgresql83 postgresql84 postgresql90 postgresql91 postgresql92 postgresql93 python24 python25 python26 python27 spatialite sqlite3 xerces

glpk 4.48
GNU Linear Programming Kit
Maintained by:
Categories: math lang
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: gmp zlib
Variants: mysql odbc universal

pike 7.6.112
dynamic programming language
Maintained by:
Categories: lang
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: bzip2 gmp nettle zlib
Variants: doc gdbm gtk image mysql odbc opengl pcre postgresql sane sdl svg ttf

poco 1.4.3p1
POCO C++ Libraries
Maintained by:
Categories: devel
Platforms: darwin
Variants: doc mysql odbc ssl

qt3 3.3.8
Qt Tool Kit
Maintained by:
Categories: x11
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: perl5 jpeg libpng mesa Xft2 xorg-libXcursor xorg-libXinerama xorg-libXrandr xrender zlib
Variants: mysql odbc psql

qt4-mac 4.8.5
Qt Tool Kit
Maintained by:
Categories: aqua
Platforms: macosx
Dependencies: dbus jpeg libmng libpng openssl pkgconfig tiff zlib
Variants: cxx11 debug demos examples framework mysql odbc openvg psql83 psql84 psql90 psql91 raster

root 5.34.18
ROOT is a data analysis framework from CERN
Maintained by:
Categories: science
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: graphviz libgcc expat gcc48 giflib gmp gsl jpeg libpng libxml2 mesa openssl pcre tiff Xft2 xorg-libX11 xpm xz zlib
Variants: avahi clang30 clang31 clang32 clang33 clang34 clang35 cocoa debug fftw3 fitsio gcc43 gcc44 gcc45 gcc46 gcc47 gcc48 gcc49 graphviz gsl ldap mariadb minuit2 mysql mysql51 mysql55 odbc opengl percona postgresql90 postgresql92 pythia python26 python27 python31 python32 python33 python34 qt_mac roofit ruby soversion sqlite3 ssl tmva x11 xml xrootd

shibboleth 2.5.3
Shibboleth Native Service Provider
Maintained by:
Categories: security shibboleth www
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: boost log4shib opensaml xercesc3 xml-security-c xmltooling
Variants: odbc

soci 3.2.0
SOCI - The C++ Database Access Library
Maintained by:
Categories: databases devel
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: boost cmake
Variants: boost debug mysql4 mysql5 odbc oracle postgresql84 postgresql90 sqlite3

vtk-devel 5.4.2
3D visualization toolkit (
Maintained by:
Categories: graphics devel math science
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: cmake gnutar readline
Variants: boost carbon cocoa core data database debug doc examples huge java mpi mysql5 odbc pgsql83 pgsql84 python25 python26 release shared tcl tcl_apple testing wrap x11