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The MacPorts Project currently distributes 18422 ports, organized across 83 different categories and available below for viewing. This form allows you to search the MacPorts software index, last updated on 2014-04-20 at 16:00:27 America/Los_Angeles.

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avidemux 2.6.6
Avidemux is a free video editor.
Maintained by:
Categories: multimedia
Platforms: macosx
Dependencies: cmake faac faad2 gettext lame makeicns pkgconfig qt4-mac sqlite3 twolame x264 yasm
Variants: aac amr debug dts esound fribidi gettext jack lame sqlite truetype twolame vorbis vpx x264 xvid

darkice 1.1
live audio encoder and streamer
Maintained by:
Categories: audio
Platforms: darwin freebsd
Dependencies: jack lame
Variants: faac jack lame samplerate twolame vorbis

gnupod 0.99.7
GNUpod is a collection of tools which allow you to use your iPod with UNIX-like operating systems.
Maintained by:
Categories: multimedia perl
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: lame p5.12-digest-md5 p5.12-digest-sha1 p5.12-libwww-perl p5.12-mp3-info p5.12-timedate p5.12-unicode-string p5.12-xml-parser perl5.12
Variants: aac artwork flac vorbis

herrie 2.2
Small command line interface music player
Maintained by:
Categories: audio
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: pkgconfig glib2 curl curl gettext libid3tag libmad libvorbis libxspf ncurses
Variants: debug http modplug mp3 scrobbler sndfile vorbis xspf

libextractor 0.6.2
A library for extraction af meta-data.
Maintained by:
Categories: devel
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: glib2 bzip2 gettext libiconv libtool zlib
Variants: flac mpeg2 vorbis

moc 2.5.0-beta1
MOC (music on console) is a console audio player for LINUX/UNIX
Maintained by:
Categories: multimedia
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: ffmpeg speex autoconf automake curl flac jack libiconv libid3tag libmad libsamplerate libtool mpc ncurses pkgconfig
Variants: vorbis