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gnuradio-next 20191003-5099fd9a (source)
GNU Radio is Software Defined Radio (SDR)
Licenses: GPL-3
Maintained by:
Categories: science comms
Platforms: darwin macosx
Dependencies: cmake graphviz cppzmq legacy-support mpir uhd volk cairo pango qt511-qtbase py27-pyqt5 adwaita-icon-theme boost doxygen fftw-3-single gsl gtk3 libsdl log4cpp pkgconfig pkgconfig py27-cheetah py27-click py27-click-plugins py27-gobject3 py27-lxml py27-mako py27-matplotlib py27-numpy py27-opengl py27-pyqtgraph py27-scipy py27-sphinx py27-yaml py27-zmq python27 qwt-qt5 swig-python swig-python texlive-latex xmlto
Variants: ctrlport ctrlport_thrift debug docs grc jack performance_counters portaudio python27 python35 python36 python37 qtgui sdl swig uhd universal wavelet zeromq