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octave 5.2.0 (source)
a high-level language for numerical computations
Licenses: GPL-3+
Maintained by:
Categories: math science
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: qt511-sqlite-plugin libgcc qt511-qtbase qt511-qttools arpack bison clang-9.0 curl epstool fftw-3 fftw-3-single fig2dev findutils flex fontconfig freetype gawk gcc9 ghostscript ghostscript gl2ps glpk gnuplot gperf GraphicsMagick grep gsed hdf5 icoutils less librsvg librsvg libsndfile ncurses pcre perl5 pkgconfig pkgconfig portaudio pstoedit python27 qhull qrupdate qscintilla-qt5 readline SuiteSparse_AMD SuiteSparse_CAMD SuiteSparse_CHOLMOD SuiteSparse_COLAMD SuiteSparse_config SuiteSparse_CXSparse SuiteSparse_UMFPACK sundials2 texinfo texinfo texlive-basic texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-latex vecLibFort zlib
Variants: accelerate app atlas clang37 clang50 clang60 clang70 clang80 clang90 docs fltk g95 gcc7 gcc8 gcc9 gfortran graphicsmagick java openblas qt4 qt5 sound sundials universal