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pear-pearweb 1.26.0 (source)
PEAR pearweb package
Licenses: BSD MIT PHP-2.02 PHP-3 PHP-3.01
Maintained by:
Categories: php net www
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: pear-Cache_Lite pear-Date pear-DB pear-DB_DataObject pear-Graph pear-Horde_Text_Diff pear-HTML_BBCodeParser pear-HTML_Menu pear-HTML_QuickForm pear-HTML_QuickForm2 pear-HTML_Table pear-HTML_TagCloud pear-HTML_TreeMenu pear-HTTP pear-HTTP_Request2 pear-HTTP_Upload pear-install-phar pear-Log pear-Mail pear-MDB2_Driver_mysqli pear-MDB2_Schema pear-Net_URL2 pear-Pager pear-PEAR pear-PEAR_PackageUpdate pear-Savant3 pear-Services_ProjectHoneyPot pear-Services_Trackback pear-Services_Twitter pear-Text_CAPTCHA_Numeral pear-XML_Feed_Parser