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haskell-platform 2014.2.0.0 (source)
The Haskell Platform is the easiest way to get started with programming Haskell. It comes with all you need to get up and running. Think of it as {"Haskell:} batteries included\".
Licenses: Permissive
Maintained by:
Categories: devel haskell
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: ghc hs-alex hs-async hs-attoparsec hs-cabal-install hs-case-insensitive hs-fgl hs-gluraw hs-glut hs-happy hs-hashable hs-haskell-src hs-hscolour hs-html hs-http hs-hunit hs-mtl hs-network hs-opengl hs-openglraw hs-parallel hs-parsec hs-primitive hs-quickcheck hs-random hs-regex-base hs-regex-compat hs-regex-posix hs-split hs-stm hs-syb hs-text hs-unordered-containers hs-vector hs-zlib