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The MacPorts Project currently distributes 19961 ports, organized across 87 different categories and available below for viewing. This form allows you to search the MacPorts software index, last updated on 2017-09-07 at 13:32:06 UTC.

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curl 7.55.1 (source)
Tool for transferring files with URL syntax
Licenses: Curl
Maintained by:
Categories: net www
Platforms: darwin freebsd
Dependencies: xz openssl curl-ca-bundle pkgconfig zlib
Variants: ares darwinssl gnutls gss http2 idn metalink openldap sftp_scp spnego ssl universal wolfssl

neomutt 20170907 (source)
The Mutt E-Mail Client (patched version with added features)
Licenses: GPL-2+
Maintained by:
Categories: mail
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: openssl curl-ca-bundle autoconf automake gettext libiconv libidn libtool ncurses zlib
Variants: db4 debug gdbm gpgme homespool idn kyotocabinet lmdb notmuch qdbm sasl slang ssl tokyocabinet universal