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The MacPorts Project currently distributes 20183 ports, organized across 87 different categories and available below for viewing. This form allows you to search the MacPorts software index, last updated on 2017-10-19 at 17:40:04 UTC.

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auctex 11.91 (source)
A major emacs mode for editing TeX files.
Licenses: GPL-3+
Maintained by:
Categories: editors print
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: texlive emacs texlive-latex
Variants: emacs_app mactex

kde4-kile 2.1.3 (source)
KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment
Licenses: GPL-2+
Maintained by:
Categories: tex kde kde4
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: ImageMagick ghostscript lbzip2 texlive cmake qt4-mac automoc kate kdelibs4 okular phonon pkgconfig
Variants: debug docs mactex universal

LaTeXML 0.8.2 (source)
LaTeXML converts TeX to XML/HTML/MathML
Licenses: public-domain
Maintained by:
Categories: tex
Platforms: darwin
Dependencies: p5.24-archive-zip p5.24-file-which p5.24-getopt-long p5.24-image-size p5.24-io-string p5.24-json-xs p5.24-libwww-perl p5.24-parse-recdescent p5.24-perlmagick p5.24-text-unidecode p5.24-time-hires p5.24-uri p5.24-xml-libxml p5.24-xml-libxslt perl5.24
Variants: mactex