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MacPorts 2.6.0 now available September 21, 2019

The MacPorts Project is happy to announce that the 2.6.0 version has now been released. It is available via the usual methods:

The list of what’s new in 2.6.0 can be found in the ChangeLog.

Of special note for users of 10.6-10.8: The default C++ stdlib has changed from libstdc++ to libc++. This will enable building ports that require C++11 and beyond much more easily. All C++-based ports using the old stdlib will need to be rebuilt, so we recommend that you run ‘sudo port rev-upgrade’ after updating to MacPorts 2.6.0.

We are currently in the process of switching the packages server over to the new stdlib, so availability of binary packages for 10.6-10.8 will be reduced for a time until the builds catch up. (There will initially be no availability for a hopefully very short time until we flip the switch to mark the archives as libc++.)

If you previously followed the LibcxxOnOlderSystems instructions on the wiki, you should revert the changes to macports.conf that the instructions specify. In particular, default_compilers should not be set so that the new MacPorts version can pick the compilers itself. You also probably want buildfromsource to be its default value (“ifneeded”) so that you will use binaries once they are available.

A big thanks to the developers for their hard work with all of the various features and bug fixes in 2.6.0, and to all those who helped out by reporting bugs or testing.

Detached PGP signatures for the pkg/dmgs and source tarballs have been made by Joshua Root, whose public key is available on the keyservers and the MacPorts wiki.

Key ID: 0x01FF673FB4AAE6CD
Fingerprint: C403 7936 5723 6DCF 2E58 0C02 01FF 673F B4AA E6CD

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